We have provided Application training for many modules of BPCS ERP software.

Over the course of many years, we have provided services directly to SSA in their development and implementation of BPCS. This has allowed us an in depth understanding of the inner workings of BPCS. The knowledge we gained combined with the hands on experience from many ERP implementations allows us to provide unique in sight and advice for your implementation.

As one of the original users of AS/Set, being a beta user during the early stages of its release, we have tremendous hands on experience with the product. This experience combined with 20 plus years of programming experience on the IBM midrange and a solid foundation working with, designing, and developing BPCS 5.x and 6.x is shared during our AS/Set training classes. Our classes are provided by hands on, can do, experienced programmers. We welcome the tough programming questions that you have been wanting to ask and discuss during class. Other companies use instructors that may not have any real working and practical knowledge of BPCS or AS/Set.

Topics include:
General training of AS/Set
BPCS specific implementation of AS/Set
SQL with AS/Set and BPCS
Performance considerations
AS/Set bugs

We cover why BPCS was written this way, the good, the bad, and the ugly. When to use AS/Set for new development and when you should not. Performance issues, and bugs you should be aware. Innocent looking code that can cause your updates to be ignored! and much more.