Grain Elevator
General Ledger
Sales Analysis
Payroll Solution


Multiple companies and departments
Multiple states per company and per employee
Pay checks generated from time card entry system
Automatic time card generation allowed per pay cycle
Manual time card entry or time card overrides allowed
Time cards keyed or generated by day, or by period end date
Additional taxes and voluntary deductions allowed per time card
Employee shift differentials
Hours and wages keyed by exception
Payroll deductions by amount or percentage of gross pay
Cyclic voluntary deductions are supported
Voluntary deductions up to a maximum amount are supported
Up to 999 user defined voluntary deductions can be defined per company
Deductions independently taxable or not taxable by FIT, FICA, FUTA, SIT, SUTA, and SDI
Facilitates cafeteria style deduction
Totally annualized tax tables for ease of maintenance
Manual paychecks, pay offs, and adjustments allowed
Check reconciliation
Voided Check processing reverses all transactions and general ledger entries
Outstanding check register
FUTA, SUTA, SDI, and Worker's Compensation calculations
Payroll checks with amount printed as alpha literal
Security passwords built into all employee financial screens and reports
General Ledger accounts entered for each company and department
On-demand reports with run time selection options
Magnetic media W2 reporting supported


General ledger distribution reports per pay cycle
Time card list per pay cycle
Employee earnings and voluntary deductions per pay period
Employee master, Department master, and Tax Table master lists
Check registers and outstanding check reports
Employee hours worked recap for select periods of time, current or prior year
Employee wages earned recap for select periods of time, current or prior year
Employee voluntary deductions for select periods of time, current or prior year
State and federal quarterly tax reports and 941 reports
Labor Distribution by department or work center
Employee W2's