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General Ledger
Sales Analysis
Medical Solution


Private practice or clinic processing for up to 999 doctors
Alpha patient name searches throughout the system
Complete integrated appointment system
Full function patient recall options
Automatic fee calculation by CPT4 code with over-ride options
Separate price calculations available for Medicare patients
Prevents over-charging Medicare patients
Complete validation during visit slips and fee entry
Inquiry Programs show up-to-the-minute aged patient balance
Patient visit slips can be printed at patient check-in
Credit warnings for delinquent accounts displayed at patient check-in
Insurance forms can be printed and reprinted on demand
Collections and fees reported by doctor, visit, patient, family, and/ or subscriber
Inquiry can display history of all patient visits or hospital admissions including visit balance due
Daily reports for revenue generated and total cash received to help balance bank deposits
Statements can be printed monthly, and/ or cyclic to help even cash flow and work load
Automatic interface to General Ledger provides accurate and current financial statements
Form numbers on visit slips are automatically monitored to prevent missed charges per visit
Run time report options allow selecting and analyzing accounts daily, monthly, or year-to-date
Patient account and visit history can be viewed on line for several years
Patient bad debt and write offs monitored and displayed on inquiry by patient and family
Payment arrangements can be set and monitored easily by family
Collection reports interface with payment arrangements to facilitate greater collections
Electronic insurance claim submission supported
Completely menu driven


Revenue by doctor, type-of-service, place-of-service, insurance, CPT4, and ICDA
Aged receivables by doctor, patient, family, insurance company, insurance subscriber
Cyclic patient statements
Insurance forms
Delinquent account reports
Bad debt and write off reports
Payment arrangement reports
Responsible party lists
Patient recall with mail merge for letters, post cards, and labels
Collection letters with mail merge
Patient ledger cards and itemized statements on demand
Patients can be grouped together by family for statements