Grain Elevator

Grain Elevator
General Ledger
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Grain Elevator Solution


Fully interfaced to Order Entry and Invoicing, Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable, Sales Analysis, General Ledger, and Accounts Payable.
Invoicing and Grain Scale Tickets support split tickets; partnership and land owner/leaser can automatically split an invoice or scale ticket grain into predefined amounts; i.e. 1/3 and 2/3, etc.
Alpha Searches through out the system for customer names, vendor names, employee names, and item descriptions, so that account numbers are not required to access information.
On line scale ticket entry, with immediate updates to DPR (Daily Position Record). Automatic calculation of gross dollars, gross quantity, discounts, net dollar, and net quantity.
On line settlement of grain with computer generated checks, Allows displaying all of a customer's open scale tickets available for settlement. Automatic calculation of user defined discounts. Check includes settlement register.
On line settlements for Grain sold, open storage, grain bank, and warehouse receipts.
On line entry of shipments, with immediate update to DPR (Daily Position Record). Shipments show as grain in transit until finalized and then moved from company stock.
On line inquiry and listing of DPR, showing up-to-the-minute status of Grain in warehouse receipts, grain bank, open storage, company owned, amount payable on company owned, storage in other locations, grain in transit, contracts purchased, contract sold, and much more.
On line processing of Warehouse Receipts and PIK certificates.
On line entry and computer tracking of purchase and sell contracts.
On line entry and inquiry of customer mixed feed and fertilizer custom blends.
On line entry of company mixed feeds with immediate reductions to inventory and DPR.
Automatic calculation of storage fees with computer generated invoice and update to accounts receivable. Allows user defined storage fees as a dollar amount or percent of grain.
Complete audit trails of all entries and changes to scale tickets, warehouse receipts, grain bank, settlements, shipments, mixed feed and fertilizer, general ledger, and accounts receivable.
Complete monitoring and reporting of grain bank with options to interface to order entry and use grain bank in mixed feeds.